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business communication skill
sound listening
listening academics
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the benefits of sound listening therapy

this partial checklist can alert you to areas of listening that might need development. since listening is an invisible act and you cannot easily tell when problems exist for someone, use these guidelines to help identify symptoms of poor listening.

listening & language:

  • overly bothered by certain sounds
  • misinterpretation of questions, requests
  • frequent need for repetition
  • flat and monotonous voice
  • dislikes or does not hear own voice
  • poor sentence structure
  • confusion or reversal of letters
  • poor reading comprehension
  • poor reading aloud
  • does not express one's view to others
  • poor spelling


  • short attention span
  • distractibility
  • lack of creativity
  • low motivation, no interest in school/work
  • hard time with structure
  • difficulty planning and organizing

personal growth:

  • tiredness at the end of the day
  • habit of procrastinating
  • tendency toward misery and being a victim
  • feeling overburdened with everyday tasks
  • low tolerance for frustration
  • poor self-confidence
  • shyness
  • tendency to withdraw, avoid others

music & rhythm:

  • unable to carry a tune
  • clumsy, uncoordinated movements
  • poor sense of rhythm
  • messy handwriting
  • poor athletic skills
  • poor sense of timing

foreign language:

  • failure to learn vocabulary
  • unable to attune to the sounds, rhythms, & intonations of the language

if one or more seem to fit you, call us to learn how listening can be changed quickly and with lasting impact through the enlisten® programs.

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